Photography SEO Done For You

What’s better than having A+ SEO on your website? Easy, you not having to touch it yourself. Let’s be honest, you didn’t start your photography business to worry about nerdy stuff like websites and SEO. You want to do what you do best, and that’s take photographs. SEOtographer Monthly allows you to do that. No longer will you be tied down doing SEO work and instead you can concentrate on what you do well, taking photographs.

SEO Service, Done For You, Perfected.

The #1 Suggested SEO Company For Photographers

Alright, we can’t exactly prove this claim, but when we see posts by photographers on social media asking who to hire for SEO, SEOtographer usually get mentioned more than anyone else. Why? Because we have a decade worth of happy clients who vouch for us.


Dedicated Account Manager

Every client gets their own dedicated account manager and SEO consultant who will be their sole contact any time they have questions, need help, or just want to shoot the breeze about their website. 

You’ll never be passed around employee to employee who don’t know anything about your work. Your contact will be able to answer any and all questions because they’re the ones who are working on your website. 

Communication is also easy. Just email, use our chat, send a text, or schedule a call any time.

They’re your website’s stats, view them any time.

Full Access Client Area

A full-featured client area in which you get to track your own SEO results any time of any day. Most SEO Agencies won’t give you access to your stats because they like to cherry-pick the best stats and (maybe) send them to you every few months.

SEOtographer handles things a bit differently. You can access our SEO Dashboard any time you want and see everything, good and bad. Why? Because we’re confident in our work and you should be holding us accountable.

We believe in being 100% transparent with our clients, nothing more, nothing less.

Keep The Results Going

Hire Us Monthly, Or Don’t.

After you’re finished SEO Done For You, you can hire us for monthly service (at a discount) or not. If you do, you already know you have the best SEO company in the game taking your website up the rankings. We have plans for all budgets and all will get you results. 

Or maybe you don’t want to hire us. That’s cool. Your SEO Done For You also includes all of the guides we have written to continue your SEO on your own in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format. We’ll tell you everything you need to do to keep the adventure going so you can rise up the ranks. 

Want a preview of what we can do monthly? Hit the button below and we’ll open the page in a new tab so you don’t lose your spot here.

SEO Done For You Monthly

We like rankings.

No matter if it’s local or nationwide rankings, we love them. There’s no better feeling than waking up, grabbing that large glass of orange juice, and logging into our SEO software to see our clients climbing the ranks over their competition. We’ve never had a single client who didn’t climb the ranks, and we’re not about to start now.


Average Keyword Increases Per Client

While it’s irresponsible to make guarantees, we keep track of every ranking for every client we’ve ever had. Nobody gains so many rankings as consistently as we do. Our clients average over 600 ranking increases within six months of buying SEO Done For You.


Average Income Increase Per Customer

While not every client shares revenue information, for the ones that did, they’ve reported to us an average of 322% revenue increase after six months of using SEOtographer.


Percent Of Monthly Clients Who Have Been With SEOtographer For More Than 12 Months

When customers find a good company, they don’t leave. We’re proud of the fact that over 90% of our monthly customers have been here for an over a year.

No Matter The Platform, We Love It

We know every platform out there. When a new one pops up, we create an account and get to work. Heck, we’ve even consulted with Squarespace, Adobe, and Pixieset in regards to improving their SEO platforms. So yeah, no matter which website platform you decide to use you can rest assured that we know it top-to-bottom.

SEO For Wordpress
SEO for Pro Photo
SEO For Squarespace
SEO For Zenfolio
SEO For ShowIt
SEO for Adobe Portfolio
SEO For Wix
SEO For Weebly


SEOtographer believes every photographer, no matter the budget, deserves good SEO. We try our best to come up with plans that fit all budgets while still being a great value with great results. Payment plans are also available upon request. Reach out to us for more information.


$595 / one-time

  • Perfect for a new or never-touched website that wants fast optimization for a quick launch on a budget.
  • Done In Under 7 Days
  • Our 68 item SEO Done Quick optimization checklist done for you.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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$1295 / one-time

  • Perfect for new websites that want more long-term growth and more results.
  • Done In 30 Days
  • Our 187 item SEO Essentials checklist done for you.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Need A More Personalized SEO Plan?

Want hyper-growth for your website? Reach out to us and we’ll make you a custom plan.

All Plans Include

FAQ About Our SEO Services

Nope! This is a one-time service. If you want, you can sign up for monthly after SEO Done For You, but it’s certainly not required. 

Paypal and All major credit cards.

Our credit cards are processed by Stripe securely on their servers.

Paypal (and credit cards via PayPal) are processed by Paypal on their servers.

No matter what payment method you select, SEOtographer does not view or retain your credit card information.

There’s two things we do not do in the SEO Done For You plan. 

Image & Alt Tags
Due to you needing specific information for Alt-tagging images, we’re unable to logistically do it with good results. For example, a good Alt Tag includes the genre of photography, the physical location of photograph (weddings locations, park names, beach names, etc), the geographic location of photograph (city, state, etc), and more. If we were to do it, we wouldn’t be able to include all the proper information and your SEO would suffer because of it. 

In addition, while Image SEO can be important, it represents a very small percentage of your total SEO. Most SEO professionals estimate between 1-3%. It doesn’t make sense for us to spend a significant portion of the allocated hours you paid for us to optimize something that only gives you a small minimal boost. 

If provided the proper information, we can handle Alt-tag and image optimization in our SEO Monthly packages upon request. 

We do include a full Image Optimization guide with any SEO purchase. It will teach you what you need to know top-to-bottom about optimizing your images if you’d prefer to do it with yourself. 

While a healthy backlink portfolio is incredibly helpful and even considered vital in larger markets, building that backlink profile can be very time-consuming. Backlinks are generally best to be worked on after your initial SEO optimization and that’s why we include it in our Monthly SEO packages. 

To keep everything fair for all of our clients, we very rarely run sales and/or discounts on our services. We’re already priced low enough that our company runs at maximum capacity most of the year.

We typically expect good results from 3-6 months but we often see clients climb ranks within a week or two of service. It all depends on how fast Google is moving and how good (or bad) your competition is. 

We don’t do refunds because win or lose, we already did the work. But we can promise that we’ll never abandon you until you get the results we promise. If that requires us working on your site more (and longer), we’ll do it, on our dime. 

Word of mouth powers our business, so every client leaves happy. That’s our promise to you.

Have More Questions?

If you’re not a customer yet, contact our pre-sales support team. If you’re a customer, reach out to your dedicated account manager. We’re always here to help!