Every Sunday morning we gather all of the news you need for the previous week and put it all in once place for easy weekend consumption. As always, thank you to our friend and partner Jaskaran Saini for putting this list together for our readers. If you found this roundup useful, consider buying Jaskaran a cup of coffee. So here it is, here’s your SEO And Marketing News Roundup For June 19th 2022

Google 🔍

  • Google Search Console Reports now Show Invalid or Valid Classification. (Seroundtable)
  • Google Search is testing Explore Section. (Seroundtable)
  • Google, Meta and Twitter Vows to Fight Fake News in EU with new Anti-disinformation Code. (SEJ)
  • Google’s Testing new Featured Snippet Layouts. (SEL)
  • Google to Shut down old Search Console message Panel. (SEJ)
  • New Shopping Links For Google Adsense. (SEJ)
  • Google News Tests FAQs Based on Trending Searches. (Seroundtable)
  • Google Expands Scrollable right panel. (Seroundtable)

Tiktok 🎶

  • Tiktok will show who viewed their posts. ( SEJ)
  • Tiktok moves all US traffic to Oracle Servers, but it’s said to be accessed in China. Raising Questions about Privacy! (TC)
  • Trends: You can zoom into Tiktok Videos. This feature is all over Tiktok, Only few users have it. Another Leak is Tiktok Saves are public on some videos now!

Instagram 👀

  • Instagram is testing A Full-Screen Experience Test like TikTok. (TV)
  • Instagram stories glitch is occurring right now and if you are facing it. Just Update the App! (Mashable)
  • Instagram launches new Tools to prevent Teens from Harmful Content. (DP)
  • Trends: Instagram tests new story reaction sticker and many users now have the old feed design back on Instagram.

Twitter 🔮

  • Twitter removes no-follow attribute from links in Tweets.( SEL)
  • Twitter now allows Local businesses to display location and contact info on Their Profile. (TC)
  • Mods and Admins can pin their tweets in Twitter Communities. (Tweet)

Meta 🧭

  • Meta is launching an Avatar store like Snapchat. (TV)
  • Meta adds more Reels Creation Options in Instagram and Facebook. (SMT )
  • WhatsApp now let’s you hide their Profile Photo, Last seen and much more. (GSM)
  • Facebook tends to turn its main feed into discovery engine for Video Content. (DIT)

YouTube & Snapchat 📹

  • Now You can add Corrections to Your YouTube Videos! (SEJ)
  • YouTube Shorts are now viewed by more than 1.5 billion YouTube Users. (TV)
  • Google offers to show Ad rivals on Youtube. (SEL)
  • Snapchat Tests a New Paid Subscription for exclusive access to new features. (TC)
  • Snapchat testing replies in Spotlight. (Axios)

LinkedIn & Pinterest 🎃

  • Pinterest launched Idea Ads and Paid Participation Tool. (Adweek)
  • Pinterest lands largest Content Deal ever with Tastemade. (Axios)
  • Linked “Funny” Reaction is officially live. ( SMT )

Marketing 🤑

  • Firefox rolls out Total Cookies Protection by default.This may impact Advertisers worldwide! ( distilled )
  • Twitch Opens up its Ad Incentive Program to more creators. (Adweek)
  • Microsoft Bing is building a new retail marketplace. (SEL)
  • Salesforce announced “Sales Force Unlimited”. (Check)
  • Roku and Walmart participate to bring shoppable ads to streaming. (TC)

Reddit 👾

  • Reddit acquires Spell to improve contextual Matching Results means better search results for you. (TSD)
  • Reddit Talk Live Bar rolled out for Web. (Adweek)

Other 👤

  • Adobe Photoshop will be free to use on web. (AP)
  • Microsoft is working on games for Microsoft Teams. (TV)
SEO And Social Media News Roundup

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