Every Sunday morning we gather all of the news you need for the previous week and put it all in once place for easy weekend consumption. As always, thank you to our friend and partner Jaskaran Saini for putting this list together for our readers. If you found this roundup useful, consider buying Jaskaran a cup of coffee. So here it is, here’s your SEO And Marketing News Roundup For June 11th 2022

This Week’s SEO And Social Media News Roundup

Google 🔍

  • Google May 2022 Brand Core Update roll out is completed now, Read all about it here. (Google)
  • Google Ads API Version 11 Now Available. (Seroundtable)
  • Google expands financial services verification policy to 3 New Countries. (SEL)
  • New Travel Ads and local features launched this week. (Seroundtable)
  • Video Page Indexing Report Beta In Search Console. (Seroundtable)
  • Google Ads manager gets 8 updates. (SEJ)

Tiktok 🎶

  • Tiktok launched Avatars like Snapchat & IG to star in your next Tiktok Video. (Engadget )
  • Tiktok is launching a screen time usage reminder like YouTube & IG. (TV)
  • Leaks: Tiktok is testing a new feature that enables you to share comments from videos in DMs.

Instagram 📸

  • Instagram let’s you pin your posts from now, A really great feature. (TC)
  • Instagram is updating Sensitive Control feature for explore page and that may or may not impact your Instagram reach. (SEJ)

Twitter 👨‍💻

  • Twitter’s Report Tweet Update rolling out faster and is effective in removing bad content. (SEJ)
  • Twitter’s releases Product Drops feature to let shoppers track new products. ( RD)
  • Twitter launched Quick-follow for Twitter Spaces when a space ends. (Tweet)
  • Twitter will hand over spam bot data to Elon musk to seal $61 billion deal. (Guardian)
  • Leaks: Twitter is working on transparent and custom feed algorithms to provide users access to control their feeds.

Meta 🤖

  • Meta is working on Basic Ads- Privacy friendly Ads. (Pay)
  • Meta stops development of AR glasses, and other hardware aimed at Metaverse for now. ( wired )
  • WhatsApp given a month to fix its customers ToS concerns in EU. ( TC)
  • Meta appoints new COO and investigating its previous COO sheryl sandyberg’s use of resources. (Yahoo)

YouTube 📹

  • Youtube Lifts some restrictions for masthead Ads! ( SEL)
  • YouTube Brings Shopping to YouTube Shorts with Its Beauty Fest 2022. (MD)
  • YouTube launches New Critical Alerts Function tests Updated Format for Channel Navigation. (SMT)

LinkedIn & Pinterest:

  • You can boost your Next LinkedIn Event through Ads with new LinkedIn Update. ( Read )
  • LinkedIn announces Business Manager. (SEL)
  • LinkedIn adds Lead-generation pages to forms. (Adweek)
  • LinkedIn Expands Creator events to All Creators. (SEJ)
  • Pinterest completes Acquisition of Shopping platform “The Yes”. (Nasdaq)

Marketing 🌎

  • Ahrefs launched a new search engine called “Yep” very useful for SEOs and Creators. ( TC)
  • Spotify isn’t getting much out of Music, Audiobooks are coming to platform. (TV)
  • Amazon launches Local Ads team to provide better Ad placement for Amazon sellers. (GM)
  • WordPress launches a proposal to improve security & Performance of Plugins. (SEJ)
  • Facebook fails again to detect hate speech in Ads. (Latimes)
  • Bing Tests Ads under Search Bar. (Seroundtable)


  • Google expands its service Vertix AI to develop AI models. (TC)
  • Everything you need to know about Apple’s WWDC event from last week is here. (GSM)
  • Amazon gets into AR shopping with launch of “Virtual try-on for Shoes”. (CNBC)
  • Microsoft brings Tabs like browsers to File Explorer. (TR)
SEO And Social Media News Roundup

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