If you’ve been on our website before you already know we love posting backlink ideas for photographers. It really is our jam and we’ve received so much positive feedback from photographers and other creatives who have used our strategies to build a backlink profile for their own websites.

So here it is, our newest and best strategy I’ve used to build out our backlink profile by getting free backlinks from Reddit.

How The Strategy Works

Reddit is one of the most powerful websites in the world just dues to its incredible amount of traffic and content. Getting a link from Reddit can be a game-changer. Getting multiple links from Reddit can be great way to start building a pretty strong backlink profile.

Free Backlinks For Photographers Reddit

Now your first instinct may be to just create a Reddit account and make a bunch of posts with your URL. No so fast. The first problem with this is you’ll get banned pretty quickly. The second is each Reddit posts requires a certain threshold of upvotes for Reddit to turn the page into a do-follow link. If it doesn’t reach the threshold, and it won’t if it’s spammy, it’s a worthless link. 

So why does this strategy work? First, you know the posts are going to make the threshold to output SEO value. Second, the links are relevant to your page. They’re literally in the photography subreddit. Remember how we talked about how relevant links to your page are better than random links? Well, for you, the photographer, these are very strong links. 

So now that we have the why, let me tell you the how. 

Reddit’s /r/photography’s Post Schedule

Weekly Posts

Monthly Posts







Anything Goes

Album Share

Wins Wednesday

Salty Saturday

RAW Share

Self-Promotion Sunday




Social Media Follow

Portfolio Critique

Gear Share

Any of the items in bold are ones we suggest you post in weekly.

Tips On Posting In /r/Photography

Be authentic. Redditers are born with the uncanny ability to sniff out bullshit. If you go there with the sole intention of spamming, you’ll be crushed almost instantly. Don’t just post in these threads and assume that’s it. Participate in the subreddit and be a good Reddit citizen. Besides gaining traffic to your website, participating could bring you some extra benefits. 

First, you’ll meet some pretty amazing people. For instance, I met Aaron of The Light Den Academy over there in a random thread. It started with a simple reply to a question he asked. Two years later we’re very good friends and even have a positive business relationship. 

The second reason to participate is learning. Like many communities, you never know what you’re going to find there. There’s plenty of great tips and tricks post daily. Or you may just learn how to deal with a tough situation. The /r/photography subreddit really is packed with anything and everything in regards to photography so utilize it as another information source to improve your business. 

Tips On Posting In The Individual Weekly/Monthly Posts

Album Share | Posted Weekly On Mondays

The best strategy here is to just post a link to your favorite blog posts or portfolio(s) and link them with proper anchor text that’ll actually benefit you. So for example my post would read something like….

Hey guys. This week I shot a wedding in Seattle, WA. It was my 2nd wedding so I would love some feedback on what I can do better next time. 

My link would be the bolded portion. Why? Because Google will see that you linked to “wedding in Seattle, WA” and would attribute wedding and Seattle to the link and your website. That’s much better than just linking to the page with generic text like “click here” or “website“.

RAW Share | Posted Every Saturday

The strategy is easy here. Simply post some free RAW files for other users to edit. How I do it personally? I have a page full of RAW files people can download. I then upload a few a week for the Reddit community and link them to my full page of Free RAW Files in the same Reddit reply. Free traffic and a free backlink. Plus you’re doing something nice for the photography community. 

Wins Wednesday | Posted Weekly On Wednesday

Wednesday is for posting your personal wins. So why not make it about your website wins and link to it. Maybe it’s a new page that’s ranking well. Maybe it’s a blog post that went viral. Or maybe it’s just your overall page that hit 1000 views last week. Remember to link the page you’re talking about with descriptive anchor text and that’s another backlink on the books.

Self Promotion Sunday | Posted Every Sunday

This one’s easy. You can promote yourself. So do it. Explain what you’re about and link to yourself. Remember, be authentic. If they spell blatent spam you’ll get called on it. The best way to avoid that is just be a good community member and participate elsewhere. 



So yeah, that’s it. This strategy will take you about 10 minutes per week and generate you 2-4 backlinks per week from a major website on the internet? How’s that for results!?

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